Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy in Australia
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Keywords & Questions

How does the teacher sustain focus on significant learning outcomes?

How does the teacher plan for all students to have the confidence to take risks in English/Literacy learning?

In what ways is the English/Literacy classroom characterised by dignity and mutual regard?

How does the teacher enable students to engage with and make connections between school and community-based literacies?

What decisions does the teacher make about timing, order and balance in teaching? How do these adjustments and interventions support literacy learning?


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Standards Description

2.2 Teachers create and maintain a challenging learning environment

Accomplished English/Literacy teachers establish a learning environment in which the linguistic and cultural diversity of all students is valued and respected. They articulate learning goals clearly, negotiating with their students about how best to achieve them. They foster productive dialogue enabling students to collaborate in intellectually challenging work. Students understand the value of the activities in which they are engaged and structures are in place that allow them to evaluate their own learning outcomes.Accomplished English/Literacy teachers draw on a broad and flexible repertoire of teaching strategies, adapting strategies to circumstances, content to context, and curriculum delivery to the different backgrounds, learning styles and capabilities of their students. They design rich learning tasks that draw on traditional and new technologies, integrating and balancing listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing activities. They select print and non-print resource materials from a range of different cultures and eras, providing models of creativity, inventiveness, critical exploration and thought. They teach students to evaluate and choose their own texts and resources both for independent study and leisure activities. They encourage students to draw on the resources of the school community and wider society to extend their language and literacy abilities, assisting students in their growth towards active citizenship in a democratic society.


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