Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy in Australia
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Keywords & Questions

What range of learning opportunities does the teacher provide so that all students are able to achieve optimum success and recognition for their performance in language and literacy?

How deep, complex and connected is the intellectual content encountered by students?

How does the teacher ensure that students from all social and cultural groups are guaranteed equal access to, and opportunities for success in, the full range of language and literacy outcomes?

How inclusive and responsive is English/Literacy teaching to the linguistic and cultural diversity of all students?

In what ways does the teacher provide all students with opportunities to participate in literacy learning that is personally and culturally meaningful to them?

What knowledge about patterns of development in language and literacy inform curriculum and teaching decisions?


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Standards Description

1.3 Teachers know how students learn to be powerfully literate

Accomplished English/Literacy teachers know that literacy learning is a lifelong process involving complex textual practices shaped by social, cultural and political influences that change over time and in different contexts. They know their students need to be skilled in a wide range of literacies that enable them to participate as active citizens in a democratic society. They recognise that different literacy teaching approaches impact differently on different groups of students; they draw from a rich repertoire of teaching strategies to adapt their teaching accordingly. Accomplished English/Literacy teachers ensure that their students are constantly learning new ways of using language as they acquire new knowledge, skills and experiences. They design and implement purposeful learning tasks, monitor student progress and provide explicit feedback to each student. They work collaboratively with students affirming their potential as active participants in their own learning.They understand the vital role that home and community play in the development of their students' language and literacy and seek opportunities to use this knowledge when planning for teaching. They understand the central role of oral language in literacy development and knowledge construction and the importance of sustained dialogue between students, and between teacher and students. They ensure their students engage with and produce a wide range of print, media and electronic texts that continually extend their critical understandings of language, themselves and the world around them.


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