Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy in Australia
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Keywords & Questions

To what extent does the teacher contribute to and learn from current debates about teaching and learning? How open is the teacher in questioning and evaluating classroom, school and wider literacy practices?

How does the teacher maintain and further develop his/her personal and professional growth?

What professional learning goals does the teacher have? What opportunities are taken up to learn from courses, colleagues and the workplace?


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Standards Description

3.2 Teachers continue to learn

Accomplished English/Literacy teachers recognise that the context of their teaching is continually evolving. They reflect on, analyse and are able to articulate all aspects of their professional practice, constantly reviewing and refining their teaching to improve students' learning opportunities, and searching for answers to challenging pedagogical questions. They seek opportunities to discuss the effectiveness of their teaching with colleagues, students, parents and care givers. With their own learning goals in mind, accomplished English/Literacy teachers pursue new knowledge through professional renewal activities such as classroom-based action research, professional reading, academic study, discussion and debate with colleagues and participation in conferences and workshops. They utilise the resources of their professional association. They keep themselves informed about recent research and debates in literacy education and literacy theory, taking particular interest in ideas and insights relevant to the contexts of their own teaching. They recognise that their professional practice is grounded in a set of personal beliefs and values about teaching and learning and about the social and cultural importance of their discipline. They continually scrutinise and review their beliefs and values, monitoring the ways in which these values impact on their work in classrooms and shape their professional lives.


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