Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy in Australia
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Keywords & Questions

What range of English language and literacy teaching strategies does the teacher draw from?

How is accountability demonstrated for the planned learning and language development of all students?

How does the teacher ensure that the English/Literacy classroom is characterised by continuing dialogue with students about learning goals, processes, content and outcomes?

What range of curriculum materials, resources and technologies does the teacher draw on when planning for English/Literacy teaching and learning?


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Standards Description

2.1 Teachers plan for effective learning

Accomplished English/Literacy teachers keep in mind in their planning the connections between curriculum, assessment and pedagogy. With their knowledge of class dynamics and the needs of individual students firmly in mind, they develop both rigorous long term educational goals and focused instructional goals that ensure all students have the opportunity to engage in purposeful and challenging literacy learning.When planning for learning, accomplished English/Literacy teachers draw on their familiarity with current curriculum policies, a wide and flexible repertoire of instructional practices and extensive knowledge of textual resources including information and communication technologies. They are discriminating in their selection of resources, developing and adapting materials to meet curriculum requirements and providing their students with challenging, authentic language experiences. They continually re-evaluate and adapt their plans to take account of the impact of new knowledge on the changing language and literacy needs of their students. Their planning recognises that both the school community and wider society provide authentic resources that extend the language and learning abilities of their students. They work with colleagues, parents and other members of the community to constructively incorporate such resources into the curriculum.


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