Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy in Australia
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  A cloze encounter of the poetic kind Meredith Maher Year 12
  An academic endeavour Rita van Haren Year 9
  Autobiographies Chris Melican Year 7
  'Beatie Bow' springboard Peter Bulkeley Year 8
  Change of plan Patsy Bopf Year 11
  Coping with change or when your emus come home to roost Ruth Graham Year 10
  Enthusing children about learning Lyn Allen Year 6
  Exploring identity: Compiling a class magazine Christina Cochrane Year 12
  Finding the right moment (and nearly missing it) Sarah Rutherford Years 10 - 12
  Getting through when nothing else seems to be working Bill Johnstone Years 4 -7
  Goodnight study guide Fiona Gordon Year 8
  Information narrative... what's that? Janine Reardon Year 6
  Interrogating discourse in texts Ann Carmichael Tertiary access program
  Introducing and teaching 'Tomorrow, When the War Began' Angela Costanzo Year 9
  Judgements and decisions Margaret Gentile Year 3
  Just imagine... if only it could be... Glenda Gauntlett Years 3/4
  Knitting the grand design with beginning writers Bette Triglone Prep
  Learning for all: Reflections on a parent volunteer reading program Sharon McDonough Years 7 - 12
  Let's work together Jo Parry Years 5/6
  Let's write Julie Gibbs Years 4/5
  Letters to the Editor John Elliot Year 8
  Light globe Alison Rees Year 6
  Memorisation - an ESL activity Vivienne Tellefson Year 7
  Morning presentation sessions Janet Salinas Years 5/6
  Negotiating the curriculum Lynne Collidge Years 10 and 12
  Norman Bates, Abba and annoying neighbours Douglas McClenaghan Year 8
  Note-taking: one step at a time Debbie Potter Years 5/6
  Plays on words Neil Fleming Year 10
  Re-mediation and the power of suggestion John Davidson Multi-age primary
  Reassessing the English curriculum Mark Howie Years 9 and 10
  Recognising connection and engagement Kim Gotterson Year 12
  Reluctant writers Lesley McCarthy Years 5/6
  Shades of grey - a reconciliation webquest Sally Paton Year 10
  Slightly 'Offside' Jim Murphy Year 9
  Success in literacy for at risk students John Geasley Year 10
  Sue's boys Helen Nissner Year 5
  Taking ownership Cheryl Lawson Year 6
  Teaching poetry David Lee Year 8
  Teaching reading in an infant class Trudi Gofton Year 2
  Teaching through modelling Patsy Bopf Year 12
  'The Crucible' Jane Greenwood Year 12
  'The Giver': A literature appreciation David Rees and Brin Nadler Year 6
  They were 'my kids', but how could I motivate them? Jacky Russell Years 8/9
  Tony Robyn Perkins Multi-age primary
  We are teaching kids, not subjects Peter Pidduck Year 8
  Well, what kind of vegetable are you then? Louisa Ellum Year 10
  What will you read to us today? Kerry Parker P - 6
  Who do you think you are? Sharon McDonough Year 10
  Writer's circle - a pathway for reflection Annamaria Zuffo Years 3/4
  Writing a speech to toast a bride and groom Margot Duncan Year 10
  Writing narratives Gayle Adams Years 3/4
  Writing workshop Garry Collins Year 9

STELLA  Home Standards Statements Standards Keywords STELLA Narratives Research on Standards STELLA Sitemap
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