Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy in Australia
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Standards Description

Accomplished English/Literacy teachers work effectively with others to improve their school as a learning community. They work collegially, mentoring new teachers and inspiring colleagues to continue to strive for excellence and to work through difficulties. They celebrate the achievements of colleagues, willingly share their professional insights, work programs, curriculum resources, and new knowledge, and collaborate in the evaluation of curriculum and pedagogical practice.They play an active role in their professional associations, such as organising, promoting and delivering PD or disseminating their own best practice through professional publications. They are influential in the wider school community and active in building strong links between home and school. They make special efforts to communicate productively with parents and caregivers making sure their policies and practices are transparent.In positions of responsibility they encourage professional debate, respect the judgement of others and allow dissent, supporting team approaches and minimising conflict. They know the history of their school, acknowledge the value of contributions made by past members of the school community and encourage colleagues to be open to innovation and change.


Learning for all: Reflections on a parent volunteer reading program
Sharon McDonough
'Excuse me Miss McDonough, can I have the work we're going to do today?' My eyes widened in surprise...

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Keywords & Questions

How is the teacher actively involved in school, community and wider professional contexts?

How does the teacher work with colleagues, parents and community members to develop the quality of teaching and learning in the school?

How does the teacher articulate educational ideas and take action to develop support for policy and curriculum change in the school and wider community?

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