Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy in Australia
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Standards Description

Accomplished English/Literacy teachers understand the central role of assessment in advancing student learning , improving the effectiveness of teaching practice and contributing to planning for future learning. They recognise that the school community as a whole benefits from constructive and co-ordinated assessment and reporting practices. They develop regular assessment and reporting programs to provide students, care-givers and school authorities with timely and accurate feedback on student achievement and progress in language and literacy development. They ensure that their feedback to students recognises achievement while clearly indicating directions for improvement.Accomplished English/Literacy teachers make judicious use of a wide range of formal and informal assessments. They ensure that assessment tasks and items are relevant, valid, fair and transparent and relate as closely as possible to real and diverse conditions of use and practice. They meet the requirements of mandated testing programs without compromising their teaching goals or the learning needs of their students They constantly use assessment information to monitor and re-evaluate their short and long-term teaching and learning goals.


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Keywords & Questions

How do the teacher's assessment and reporting strategies contribute to students' learning?

How does the teacher evaluate the success of her/his own teaching? What steps are taken to ensure his/her teaching continues to improve?

How does the teacher meet his/her responsibilities for assessment and reporting to the various audiences within the school and in the wider community?

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